Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bobby Adams

Bobby Adams
            Bobby Adams is a founding member of the ABT or the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. At 54 years old he originally went to prison for armed robbery. He got into prison and became one of the founding members of the prison chapter of the ABT. Because of the gang activity taking place behind bars involving the ABT’s assaults and murders, Bobby Adams who’s known as B.A. is serving a life sentence. Growing up, B.A. came from a poor family and living style, was rebellious early on, and was attracted to the crime life. The ABT would be a perfect fit for young B.A. and his bad habits were exploited and flourished as a member of the gang.
            “Obviously by virtue of my rank, I’ve been involved in just about everything,” says B.A. in an interview with Gangland camera crews. The ABT prided itself on anonymity early on and B.A. was one of the best at keeping a low profile. Being one of the best at handling jobs without being caught is what caused him to be one of the highest ranked soldiers in the ABT. As the time went on and B.A. got older, the values of the gang as a whole changed. “The younger generation is just too strung out,” says B.A. “They are all about being flashy and yelling things around and it didn’t used to be that way. We used to take care of our business and we didn’t have to say anything because we knew who we were and that was enough but not anymore.” There is no order to the chaos going on outside the prison walls and even inside the walls of that Texas penitentiary inhabited by the ABT. With a huge portion of the Dallas chapter apprehended, two of which being young generals, there is just a bunch of soldiers running around on the outside with no guidance and doing things to advance their rank.
            B.A. at the age of 54 is so disgusted with what the gang has become, he sees no reason to stay in the gang. Knowing a that he would have no shot at parole if he continues to claim the gang, he made the decision to drop it because it isn’t what it used to be. “I mean, had it been like it was before, I would have no problem staying in the gang even if I had to die in here. But since it’s not, I don’t see the point in it anymore. And more than half of them are telling on each other.” This is definitely not seen as normal because usually the only way out of the gang is to be killed which is known as being X’ed.

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